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The 21st century requires the need to create a more responsible world of equality and solidarity and anticipate the environment, society and culture as a whole.

School management invites students to create favorable conditions for our school's tomorrow and improve their lives at school:

It implements a humanistic project that enhances environmental awareness.

Living the Environmentally Friendly Institution Project together, sharing an Eco-school with other people who have the same environmentalist approaches ... In other words, to respect ourselves, others and the environment we live in.

Here is the project of a nature-friendly school.



1. Our area of ​​interest can be defined as human and its environment:

2. To develop students' responsibilities.

3. Preparing students for cooperation.

4. To protect our school and our planet with our daily behavior.

5. To provide our daily needs without harming the living conditions of future generations.

6. To protect the human life and the eco system, the two of which are closely connected.



1. Our common area, Çubuklu Osmaniye Primary and Secondary School, with all members of our education team; to make a living space, an eco-school, which we will improve with students, parents and teachers.

2. To give students the awareness that they are responsible for their environment and their own living environment.

3. To train students as individuals who respect the environment.

4. To train the students we are educating with a humanistic and holistic world view.

5. To enable students to transfer the environmental awareness they have learned from our school to future generations.

6. To teach to work together and share.



1. To adopt environmentalist movements as a lifestyle.

2. Improving environmental conditions: Planting trees and flowers, using wooden trash cans.

3. To organize conferences on the protection of the ecological environment.

4. To make social content projects.