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You may need a study plan when the exam period comes and goes. You can overcome this period more easily by studying techniques. Although these techniques differ for everyone, it would not be wrong to say that many will surely work. Here are 11 different study methods for you:

When the exams are approaching, you can do group work with your friends. Make sure that the group is not more than 8 people, more people may be more distracting. Organize a meeting in the library at school.

It may also be helpful if a friend who has no relationship with the section you are reading takes you to a test. Give your notes, workbooks to your friend and ask them to ask you questions from these sources. The more foreign the subjects of the questions they are trying to address, the more you ask for them. The answers you provide allow both you and your friend to control the subject.

Yes, your mind needs to be open to study, and a cup of coffee can help you in this situation. However, especially the amount of coffee drunk in the evening can harm you, considering that the effects of caffeine pass within 6 hours. You need to get good sleep especially during the exam.

When you concentrate on studying, you may not be off your desk for a long time. However, sitting still is not a very healthy option for your body. Taking short breaks in between is very useful for both body and mind.

If you are a visual learner, you can underline the important points you want to keep in mind while working on an article. Colors are very helpful in removing information and placing it in our eyes and mind. You can draw the highlights, specific terms and other important parts you want to remember with the colors you think will help you.

It may be difficult for you to try to keep your study notes in mind. You can classify topics and create an acronym from their titles. This acronym can reveal a meaningful word or something that has no meaning at all. However, you can keep the necessary information in this memory.

When it comes to studying, various excuses are created to postpone studying. Be sure to complete your assignments, presentations and projects before you start concentrating on your exams. Thus, you will eliminate this distracting factor.

Also, gathering your room before starting work will eliminate another distracting factor.

When you open Google to look up a topic while studying, you can find yourself on Facebook, then on Twitter and Instagram in the next step. When you suddenly notice that the clock is getting too far, you may have no time to work. To prevent this, sign out of all your social media sessions.

Putting a subject you have learned back into your mind will be very helpful in reinforcing the subject. In the classroom, transferring your notes during the lesson to the paper in a more descriptive way contributes to your learning.

Just before the exam, studying until the morning does not help you. You need to get your sleep well. Otherwise, you may wake up on your study grades and miss the exam. As much as sleep is important, stopping work is also a very important point. Rest periods of 15 minutes between work are necessary for both physical and mental health.

You should definitely pay attention to your nutrition and your health in general during the exam period. However, small sweet snacks and cookies can motivate you sufficiently. For example, while providing a piece of chocolate serotonin (the hormone of happiness), it also opens your mind.