Applications that Make Your Life Easier

Applications that Make Parents 'and Students' Life Easier

Keeping up with the rapidly developing children and responding to their needs and expectations constitutes a great responsibility for every parent. The technology world is also here to help: There are many smartphone apps that help parents with the management of the house and the development of children and make life easier at every stage.

 Useful Applications for Parents


No matter how crowded the population, those who plan family life are parents. It is up to parents to watch every detail in the evening, from eating in the evening to a birthday present for the child's classmate. When he adds doctor appointments, market shopping, and parent meetings on top of it, it becomes an inexorable situation.

The "family organizer" application called Picniic makes it easy to run this intense run with family business divisions. In the application, which includes a common calendar where all kinds of work to be done from children's courses to house cleaning can be added to different categories, also orders can be added by each individual of the house in the common shopping list. Similarly, birthdays, anniversaries and other important dates are also displayed in a common list.
One of the most useful features of the app is that when a family member reaches certain points such as home, market or school, they can easily share it with others. Thus, the father, who goes to the market, calls both the mother and the children one by one and says "Do you need anything from the market?" he doesn't have to ask. If Picniic's comprehensive features intimidate you, he has a cure too. The built-in assistant within the app helps parents and children to get used to the system throughout use.

Weather forecast

Simple answers to basic needs can turn into great benefits. An example of this in mobile life is weather applications. We sometimes forget to use the weather apps that are internal to each phone. However, thanks to additional features such as voice assistant, it is no longer necessary to search for applications in the phone.

For example, iPhone owners press and hold the phone's home button to take advantage of the digital assistant called Siri, "What is the weather like today?" When asked, he can get the weather forecast daily. Weather applications draw the fine line between t-shirts and umbrellas for parents. A simple check on the mobile device for a few minutes without leaving the house can prevent wandering all day long with wet clothes.


Evernote, one of the most popular note-taking applications in the business world, also offers life-facilitating features for parents. Application that offers the functions of scanning and keeping notes together with mobile devices for children's homework; In this way, homework removes evenings from being a ordeal. Evernote, which you can store all kinds of documents from written texts to drawings, photos to audio recordings and PDF documents, automatically synchronizes all of these contents between smartphones, tablets and computers you use. Did you come across a new recipe in the book? Take a picture of it right now, add it to your recipes folder. Whatever you need to remember, you can find it regularly and easily accessible on this app.
Moreover, it is possible to quickly share each note with both your spouse and your children with a single click.


The beginning of the child's school life is a development for the household that is almost as radical as birth itself. The "child who has started school", which opens a brand new page in life for every parent, also brings countless responsibilities. Lessons to be followed and homework to be prepared are waiting for the household. Perhaps more importantly, there is now another person who needs to get up early every morning at home!
e-School now if not help to get up early, a practice that should be on the phone all the parents of children involved in formal education in Turkey. Information about students' projects and exams, grades, syllabuses, absenteeism, school announcements and many more information are shared by official channels through this application. Very critical processes such as transfer and placement can be followed through the e-School application.

Let TRT Come Easy

When your child reaches the age of 4, helping them with household chores at their own scale is crucial for his development. Thus, it gains awareness of being part of a community and responsibility. In this process, TRT Easy Gelsin application, which is published for free in order to facilitate the life of parents, was developed under the supervision of child psychologists and teachers.

Kolay Gelsin, which turns the house itself into a huge playground, and housework into a fun game, offers all kinds of housework to children, from breakfast preparation to watering flowers, collecting toys to turning off the lamp. Thus, children are not deprived of fun while spending quality and educational time with their parents. Moreover, they learn to be organized and economical, while also exploring the house.

Useful Applications for School Children

Smartphones not only make parents' lives easier; It also provides convenience for students in and out of class. Managing the sine qua non of student life such as assignments, projects and lecture notes is made easier with these applications:


Thanks to Camscanner, which turns the camera of the smartphone into a scanner, it is possible to scan homework, lecture notes or any printed document within seconds and save it as a PDF document. Unlike standard photographing, the application, which performs operations such as aligning and sharpening on the document, offers the opportunity to quickly share the PDF documents it creates via e-mail, WhatsApp or similar services.


Seeing the method of solving a complex problem is sometimes the most effective way to go one step further in mathematics. PhotoMath, which works with the technology called Augmented Reality (AR) and understands the equation it sees through the phone camera and offers a solution, easily recognizes the handwriting of the students.

The application can play the role of providing a system for the questions that the students review during the course, while doing it again and during the question solutions. Photomath, which shows how to solve an equation with step-by-step instructions, can solve problems at all levels in many different topics such as fractions, square roots, algebraic equations and trigonometry.


MyHomework, which supports both parents and students, on regular follow-up and timely assignments given at school; It works synchronously between different devices with its simple and useful interface. The application where you can follow the school syllabus, homework, exam time and performance assignments on a single platform; shows everything to be done on a common calendar. MyHomework, which can be used on phones, tablets and computers with a single account, also provides online lessons and various contents shared by teachers in educational institutions using Teachers.io.


It is never too early to learn a new language. Unlike traditional education methods, Duolingo allows you to meet a new language in a short time by taking just a few minutes every day through words and practical applications that will benefit directly.
By spending only 15 minutes a day on written, visual and audio tests that are lined up from easy to difficult, you can learn a language such as English or German in a few months "enough to tell you."