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Don't Say A Kid's Game!

Do not be fooled by the riot of colors reflected on the screen. Not all digital games are "children's games".

Do not be fooled by the riot of colors reflected on the screen: Although its name is “game”, this does not mean that all computer, console and mobile phone games are “children's games”. Some of the digital games that your children play to have fun can affect their development negatively because they are not suitable for them.

For example, it is not easy to understand at first glance whether a car racing game is competing on the track or a criminal escaping from the police is played. Violence, drug abuse or sexual content are expertly hidden in some games. Therefore, you need to be very careful when choosing the games your child will play or checking the games they play.

Game rating systems can guide you

Pan European Game Information (PEGI) evaluation system is used in European distributed games. Experts charged with identifying games that children should be kept away from; It determines whether the games contain elements of violence, obscene scenes, drug use or incentives for various crimes, or gambling. Games with such negative content are tagged with the correct age phrase.

The games box includes the minimum age limit for the game, with symbols such as PEGI 3, PEGI 7, PEGI 16 or PEGI 18. If you are purchasing the games from the online play store, you can see this information in detail on the page where you purchased the game. The simplest and most effective way to understand that a game is PEGI 18 is not suitable for your child. Because PEGI 18 + “Graphic violence is allowed, including violence and sexual violence against unspecified and / or vulnerable characters. It can also include graphic sexual content, acts of discrimination and / or glorification of illegal drug use. ”

Harmful games for kids

To date, you can see the most inconvenient games for children from the "rated for 18+" experts below.

Mortal Kombat

Mortal Kombat has creatures fighting in blood revan, broken limbs, flying heads, broken bones and many more violent elements. The game is so harmful that it caused the establishment of a content rating system for the first time in the 1990s. In other words, without Mortal Kombat, the game classification system in the USA would not be ESRB and then PEGI in Europe. The Mortal Kombat series today contains more than ten games and each contains extremely harmful visual violence elements for children.


Every child dreams of going to space. However, brutality and violence witnessed from the perspective of the first person in the game DOOM can significantly harm their dreams. This game, which tells about the struggle for survival in the face of monsters with scary images in space, is not less than Mortal Kombat in terms of visual violence. In this type of game known as FPS (First Person Shooter), seeing the events from the first person's point of view causes children to lose themselves to the game much more. Therefore, it is necessary to pay attention to the contents of the children before buying such games.

Grand theft auto

The starting point of the Grand Theft Auto series is car theft. Drug use made violence and crime part of the game mechanics. The latest game of the series, the Grand Theft Auto V (GTA5), has the PEGI 18 label because of its intense brutality, the ability to commit murder for no reason, abusive speeches, and violence against vulnerable people. The series played too many games led to the release of many similar games. Here are a few of such games that start with vehicle theft and go back to pointless serial murders and mafia showdown: Mafia III, Saints Row, PayDay 2, Hotline Miami.

South Park The Stick of Truth

Themes in South Park games, which contain intense violence and abusive speeches, often represent a culture that puts sacred values under their feet. Game rating authority; Due to the disturbing visual elements, clear sexual organs and extreme violence, the PEGI 18 label is suitable for this game and other productions in the same series.

Blue Whale

Blue Whale is a social game based on the implementation of commands given on smartphones. Every day a new mission comes in this game, which consists of violent tasks sent to mobile phones by a secret person. Gathering personal information of individuals through WhatsApp, the manager specifically targets children and young people. Threatening personal information to prevent them from leaving the game, the manager forces players to commit suicide after 50 days. Families need to be extremely careful against this dangerous game, which is difficult to detect as it continues in the form of messaging on smartphones.

Dark elf

Although its name evokes a fantastic wizard, Dark Elf is an adventure game with visually stunning scenes. Sexual dialogue and images of the characters it contains causes this game to receive the PEGI 18 label. Moreover, many similar games are being sold recently in the online game store Steam. Along with Dark Elf, there are some other games to be considered in terms of sexuality: Catherine, Material Girl, Sakura Dungeon, House Party and HuniePop.

Bringing together thousands of players who do not know each other in the same environment, the huge online games of MMORPG type can cause children to obsess more earning because of the economic order it creates within itself. Moreover, in groups such as the clan created in such games and encouraging players to social interaction, children chat with people they never knew. The risk of being adults and malevolent people who act as their peers should not be ignored in order to gain the trust of children among them.

Be sure to research the games

In the entertainment world where dozens of new games are released every day; It is not possible to list all games that contain harmful content for children. Therefore, it is necessary to rely on rating systems such as PEGI and ESRB.

Multiplayer games, which bring together many people over the internet, have risks regardless of the content. It is not possible to determine who are the people who interact with children and chat with them for hours every day through these games. These people may actually be malicious adults. The information they will obtain during the chat while playing games can prepare the ground for their participation in the world of children in real life.

All warnings and stimuli can be ineffective, besides the appeal of the game for children. Remember, you can protect your child best from harmful content and games as a parent. You can play useful and entertaining games that are age-appropriate, ad-free, and do not require access to personal information in your game selection. We kindly request you to read the game descriptions and requested permissions carefully.

Important Reminder: This content has been prepared by the relevant expert advisor to inform our audience. We recommend that you consult a medical doctor or specialists working in the field of child education and psychology in any matter related to your or your child's health.