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How to Gain Love for Reading?

How to Gain Love for Reading?

Unfortunately, the printed media product reading habit is decreasing day by day. Of course, regardless of whether it is on digital or paper, the contribution to the individual and then to the society is a great action. Because a lot of information that cannot be experienced is obtained only through reading. However, studies show that reading old books (Printed) as of early ages has an important place in terms of both mental and emotional development.

The benefits of reading habit:

The behavior of going to and choosing the bookseller on behalf of emotional development can be listed as basic social-emotional gains such as self-confidence, endeavor to finish the book, patience, responsibility and deferment. The reading of these books by family elders positively affects the relationships within the family and it is an important step in the development of the concept of taking children to school and showing them to their friends at school age, and the teacher reading the books to the whole class.

In the name of cognitive development, it is possible for the child of reading age to wait for a book to be read and to read and finish the book, to strengthen the basic cognitive processes such as attention and memory for the future years, and to gain the ability to postpone the basic need for academic performance. Studies conducted in recent years show that children who have read the book as a child and have a habit of reading afterwards are 40% more advantageous for concentration and deep learning compared to their peers.

It is known that children who have been read a book for language development in the first six years have a wide vocabulary compared to their peers in the following years. The reason for this is that the auditory and visual cortex, that is, the certain areas in the brain related to hearing and vision, are the fastest developing period in the first 36 months, and thus, it is proved by the studies that reading books are among the most valuable activities that will strengthen these areas of children in this interval.

Well, if we summarize the benefits of reading books at an early age:

• Strengthening family relationships. (With mother-child / father-child reading hours)

• Strengthening native language skills.

• Improved self-expression and communication skills.

• Acquisition and development of attention and focus skills.

• Developing positive emotions with the effect of the stories read (Difficulties experienced and happy endings).

• The development of creativity and imagination.

• To gain the love and habit of reading.

Of course, besides the benefits of reading the books mentioned above, making reading books is a subject in itself. The main parameter to be considered here is, of course, the fact that parents love reading books, reading books. Because children grow up by modeling the relationships you have with books. Another parameter is the selection of books suitable for the age of the children. Because if we try to read a 100-page book without pictures to a 3-year-old child, he will get bored and try to end the process without internalizing it. So let's try to summarize what should be considered in choosing the right book according to the developmental characteristics of the children ...

0-3 age children:

For newborn babies, unwritten or little written books that make diapers and rustling sounds are suitable. From the sixth month, the baby begins to explore the world by touch. For this, you can choose books called “Touch-Feel” series that contain different textures.

With the language development of the child from the age of 1, books with short stories and one or two sentences on each page will be useful for your child. Children 2-3 years old learn by touching and listening. Books about animals, children, food and tools attract their attention. Make sure that the books you read contain objects that he knows. Fairy tales narrated with colorful and cute characters and short sentences attract the attention of children during this period.

3-6 years old children:

During this period, you can start reading fairy tales as well as short stories. They may want to listen to a table that they like many times, and even accompany the memorization themselves. Read whenever they want without getting bored, because repetition has a huge impact on learning. For children of this age period, you can read books with numbers, children and animals. They also love fairy tales with school, family and friends. In this period when their interest in the heroes increased, they would also be very interested in these kinds of books.

Frequently ask questions about the characters in the book, and sometimes rebuild the end of the story together, this will help them think creatively.

School term:

In the early years of school, the child is still not completely out of the concrete thought phase. Mostly they like the stories of child heroes. Their interest in natural life and animals continues. With their dismantling of reading, they can now like books with more writing and less pictures.

Within the abstract thinking that started to develop around the age of 10, they started to choose books for their interests. They can show interest in topics such as humor, adventure, or magazines. Your child's choice is important as well as being age-appropriate when choosing a book, you should definitely respect it.

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