There are different living spaces and opportunities in Çubuklu Osmaniye Primary and Secondary School Campus in order to offer our students a distinguished education. Çubuklu Osmaniye Primary School and Middle School aim to provide an environment for teachers and students to be successful and productive individuals and aims to offer them a quality standard of living. Social and cultural lives of our students, organizations they attended, activities, friendships they have established; they are all part of the COIO experience.


At Çubuklu Osmaniye Primary and Secondary School Campus, it is important to give education to students in a hygienic environment. For this purpose, depending on the school structure, our classes are cleaned regularly on days when the school is open.


All students of ÇOİO; he uses the refectory for lunch. The menus of the cafeteria, where two experienced staff work, are prepared by checking the menus every day and considering the developments of the students. Preventing food waste in ÇOİO, which pays attention to every detail, is the main target for healthy nutrition of students.


Vegetable production garden is an important part of daily life in ÇOİO, which makes its students love green and nature. Students can visit this garden whenever they want and take lessons from our team responsible for gardening. 


Our hall on campus serves our kindergarten students with their teachers.


There are valuable works in the ÇOİO Library located on the campus, and our students benefit from this library every hour they are in the school.