The first foundation of the school in Çubuklu Osmaniye Village in 1887 is available in the written sources.This first construction was destroyed in 1917. Instead of that, a new school was built in 1947. Throughout thiry years with the lack of school ,the education of school age children was provided under harsh conditions.
After the 1999 Marmara Earthquake, the school building got serious demage and was destroyed. On the area of collapsed school , a single –floor prefabricated school with eight classroom  was built with the partnership of  Kuwait Red Crescent and Red Cross. Educational activities are still proceeding in this building. There exist eight classrooms, one nursery class, one lab, one principal room, two deputy principal rooms, one playroom, one lunch room and one storage. Although the school has a lab ,the materials inside are limited .Besides,the playroom is not able to meet the needs sufficiently. Due to the inadequacy of the school garden, there is not enough space for activities to be done in open area. Particularly, teachers on duty  have difficulty in preventing children from running to the street that is next to the school.
 By the 2019-2020 Educational Year, there are three managing staff mainly one principal and two principal assistants; four class teachers, two English teachers ,one of them is responsibe for Primary School, the other is for Secondary School, one Math ,one Turkish, one Physical Education, one Social Studies and one last but not least  Art teacher, totally thirteen teachers teach at the school.
The most important personel absence is a councellor. Therefore, the activities that are done in the field of Psychological Counseling and Guidance are very poor. On the the main subjects of the discipline of Psychological Counseling and Guidance such as student exam anxiety, handling stress, educational counselling, burnout sendrome, attention disorder, effective study techniques and career guidance, any kind of activities and studies cannot be carried on properly. That is the  main reason as a school why we would like to participate in this kind of projects.
Our school tries to resume educational activities with an extraordinary effort which students and teachers have displayed with limited opportunities in a geography possessing a village culture and very green nature. The main target of the school is to prepare its students for the future in a best way and to increase their competence globally. Providing to represent our school in the activities which are organised nationally and internationally such as projects, training, conferance and seminars  is among our objectives.