With our strong and specialist training staff, who are constantly developing themselves by following closely the innovations and developments in the world, in the light of technology and science, open to innovations;

It is beneficial to the country and its environment connected to Atatürk's Principles and Revolutions,

Self-confidence and awareness of responsibility,

Adopted scientific thinking as a principle,

Searching and learning continuously with the philosophy of lifelong learning,

Communicate effectively and accurately,

Seeing the differences as a wealth at the same time,

Learning at least one foreign language very well by giving importance to the foreign language,

Who loves learning and enjoys going to school,

Following technological innovations closely and using technology effectively

Adopted local values and adopted universal values,

Sensitive to the environment and the society in which it lives,

Combining social, sports and artistic skills with academic achievements,

Raising individuals is the quality policy of Çubuklu Osmaniye Primary and Secondary School.